Bangladesh in Chittagong built two luggage machinery industrial park

In the Young: Bangladesh in Dhaka Hassar Bagh only luggage base has been relocated to the new town of Savoy luggage base, Hazaribagh luggage base has 60 years of history. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Leather Exhibition on Wednesday, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister said that Bangladesh is considering rebuilding two industrial bases for luggage bases in Rajshahi and Chittagong.

The Bangladesh Leather Footwear and Bags International Trade Fair was held at the Dhaka International Conference and the show will last until this Saturday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that setting up an environmentally friendly luggage base industrial park in Sarawak in Bangladesh has played an important role in promoting the development of the luggage industry and saving the Brignga River. Most of the Hazaribagh luggage business has settled in the new industrial park.

The Prime Minister said the government is planning to introduce new measures to encourage the development of the luggage park, including continuing to provide 15% cash incentives for the export of luggage in the next five years. During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the luggage industry exports 1.23 billion US dollars, 2021 is expected to grow to 5 billion US dollars.

The prime minister encouraged luggage exporters to diversify, develop more new products that meet international standards, and open up new export markets. She promised the government will give the leather industry greater support. She said the government is preparing to set up a testing and testing center to ensure that the country's production of luggage and footwear products meet international quality standards.

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