Bag equipment, plastic bags, bags, daily maintenance and repair methods

Bag Blister Routine Maintenance Instructions:

First, keep clean and hygienic, shut down after the debris should be removed and machine dirt;

Second, the sliding guide posts, bearings and sprockets must maintain a good lubrication state, often refueling lubrication;

Third, the gas in the water filter should be drained once for each class, the oil mist should always be refueled to ensure the normal use of the solenoid valve and cylinder;

Fourth, each working class should first look at the vacuum pump oil surface (oil shall not be lower than the oil line); vacuum pump oil should be replaced once a month;

Fifth, often observe the oil mist oil, timely adjustment of oil size, the role of the new machine to adjust the larger (about 1 day 3 bottles of oil) can reduce the use of a week to ensure that the pneumatic components have adequate lubrication.

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