High-end luggage machine basically completed a few bags of a few minutes

"From a piece of raw material to a bag body sewing Gucci handbags basically completed, tens of minutes can be done automatically on the same sewing machine." Yesterday, the sixth Huazhong sewing equipment exhibition held in Wuhan Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Dongguan Gucci OEM factory to South Korea's Star Company ordered four worth 800,000 / Taiwan's high-end luggage machinery.

It is understood that this exhibition attracted more than 30 brands at home and abroad strength exhibitors, exhibits include design, sewing, sewing, sewing, information management and other products.

"In the past, hand sewing a handbag by hand for a few days, and now it takes less than an hour for the machine to complete most of the stitching and the stitching of all the stitches," according to a limited number of Japanese sewing machines (Shanghai) Zhang Dong, general manager of the company and introduced, the exhibition of sewing equipment dozens of species, the price from 3,000 yuan / Taiwan to nearly one million / Taiwan ranging.

Zhang Donghe said that there is a kind of sewing machine used for making upscale bag handbags, car airbags, car seats, leather art sofa, the price of more than 80 yuan / sets, the current Gucci handbag OEM factory has ordered 4 sets, a handbag Of the raw materials put in the bag computer to enter the program, bags of machinery will automatically sewing handbags, workers only need to take care of, a worker can take care of up to 4 such luggage machinery.

"The demand for sewing equipment in Wuhan is mainly driven by industrial sewing machines that make ordinary clothes." Zhang Donghe said that the purchase of computerized automatic sewing equipment can save at least 30% of the labor costs and increase the output value by about 50%. At the same time, more sophisticated equipment, production of clothing will be more refined, but also help to garment enterprises to high-level development.

"Sewing machines from pure machinery to today's computer automation, the development of productivity, saving manpower costs" is now operating more than one person management, replacing the manual labor machine, which greatly reduces labor costs.

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